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  • How to Calculate Sports Betting Odds

    Posted by on November 15th,2016View

    how to calculate betting odds

    The calculated sports betting odds just shows how much you can anticipate winning a sports bet.

    A bettor can make the most valued probability, simply by equating the bookmaker odds.

    Chances for players to win or lose, when they place a bet on similar odds for several times, are meant as expected value. For instance, if you toss a coin and flip a coin for ‘n’ number of times and bet $10 on tails, the probability of getting tails is (1/2)10. The expected average profit value would then be $0.5 cents.

    What this odds mean mostly lies in how you comprehend the profit value of a particular prize. When you’re accustomed to this practice, you can eventually form a link between betting odds and bookmakers.

    Remember- do not contemplate betting as just odds;  as there will always be a successful stage that will elevate you to the next level.

    To expand your understanding of sports betting odds, you must first know how to estimate the betting probability.

    There are many types of betting odd formats – decimal, fractional, etc.

    To calculate sports betting odds, there is a formula to get the likelihood of a bet outcome:

    The Probability of Winning x Amount Won per Bet – Probability of Losing x Amount Lost per Bet.

    If it’s a negative consequence, it doesn’t mean that you are going to lose money. Unlike a coin toss, sports betting odds are independent, and therefore if you overcome the bookmakers’ results, you can still possibly win money.

    If you estimate your definite possibility for a match that contrasts from the indirect probability of the odds, you can find an expected progressive value and has best chance to win the bet.

    Sports betting odds are a demonstration of an important probability to get a clearer picture on how to analyze prospect and translate your analytics into decimal odds. This process is the crux to developing your valuations of a betting assessment.

    increase your betting odds at the right time

    Increase your Chances of Winning Betting Odds

    Are you considering to increase your probabilities of winning bets in sports predictions?

    Online betting is by far, the easiest and most accessible to place stakes on sporting measures.

    However, the toughest part is probably deciding which site you want to connect. While there are many sports betting sites, the better few sites are quite a scarce. Some are frankly, better avoided at all costs.

    Top Sports Pick aims to resolve these complicated matters (i.e. unreliable punters, scammers etc.) and to provide a safer, accountable platform for you to bet on. 


    analyse your bets carefully

    Simply by adhering to the basic betting principles, you’ll increase your winnings and decrease your losses.

    Even though many rules are applicable, some rules are quite straightforward, i.e. which lineups should and shouldn’t be bet on! For example, you each bet should signify 1-2% of your fund; you can reduce this to 0.5 percent if you aren’t confident about a wager.

    For example, you each bet should signify 1-2% of your fund; you can reduce this to 0.5 percent if you aren’t confident about a wager. The same way you can increase the bet if you are assured, but do not bet that exceeds 4% of your invest.

    Common mistakes like this can be avoided if an appropriate analysis is taken to consider the odds in which they are being offered.

    There are still plenty of people who do not understand the concept of value when it comes to sports betting. The perception of choosing a bet that emboldens good value and not betting on who your favourite athlete (even though he’s unlike to win this time around) is one of the most challenging conceptions for sloppy sports bettors.

    P.S.: If you think you’re ready to give yourself a shot in sports betting, click here to get started.

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